Mute Outtakes

Rob Lye
27 January - 19 February 2017

Rob Lye (b. 1982, Wiltshire, UK) received a Sculpture MA from the Royal College of Art in 2011, he lives and works in London.

Mute Outtakes is a new body of work exploring the intersections between the voice, materiality and architecture. The works have been anchored by a reoccurring desire to explore sound through its absence or eradication.

The consistent interplay between what is seen and what is implied is most explicit within the new video work ‘Mute Outtakes’ (2017). Taking a silent outtake from the modernist writer BS Johnsons’ TV program ‘Fat Man on A Beach,’ the video traverses the absence of the authors voice as an investigation into the frictions between sound and image, through speculation, association, hallucination and misinterpretation.

The works are activated by a series of architectural interventions that implement the spectator’s physical presence within the space.