Movement of Obedience ~ Paperweight

Nora Hansen and Frederique Pisuisse
3 - 24 June 2017

Movement of Obedience ~ Paperweight is a project by Nora Hansen and Frederique Pisuisse in collaboration with Dye House 451.

Following fashion’s bold and fun-loving language, Nora and Frederique created a number of outfits designed to facilitate key characteristics for the guests and hosts of Dye House.

In the tradition of the Commedia Dell’Arte, a form of 17th century Italian theatre characterized by a finite set of masked types and iconic costumes, Nora and Frederique present outfits exploring the roles of Gallerist, Artist, Intern and Spectator. Clothed in contemporary textures and traditional fabrics, the entire cast of Paperweight is surrounded by a sugar coated landscape of video and sculpture - a possible backdrop for this play.